What To Wear In 2023: Colors, Styles, Outfits

    What To Wear In 2023: Colors, Styles, Outfits

    What fashionable trends will be sustainable in the coming year? Let's discuss and, diving into the sales abundance, bet specifically on them.

    Color trend 2023

    1. Creamy butter

    Creamy butter dress

    Designers assume in 2023 wear again the much-loved shade of "creamy butter." The pale yellow makes the image light and delicate, and also perfectly matches white, gray-brown, and denim color. 

    2. Fiery red

    Creamy butter dress

    Particular attention deserves fiery red. It was more often seen in collections and fits well into any style. Both individual items and outfits fully executed in bright hues are relevant.

    3. Raspberry shade

    Raspberry dress

    The Pantone Institute recognized the color of the year as the raspberry shade Viva Magenta. It is close to red but has notes of delicate pink and purple. It looks daring and adds such energy that it is impossible to take your eyes off it. Coats, leather skirts, and dresses in this hue look stylish. If you are not used to bright and bold solutions, add at least one purplish element, such as a textured hat or bag, and you will surely not remain indifferent to this color scheme.

    4. Muted green

    Muted dress

    Another trend has become muted green. Verdant tones add a fresh, warm, and easily stand out among neutral shades. Delicate baby blue and lavender have not been left behind. Pink in various expressions, from delicate to rich with a violet undertone, also looks modern.

    Trend fabrics in 2023 years 

    1. Denim fabric  

    Denim jaket

    Denim has emerged as a leading material among the options available. It can be worn in total-look outfits or as separate clothing items such as tops, jackets, and even coats. On the runways, we see outfits made of distressed denim, but one should exercise caution when incorporating such items into their wardrobe. If you are not confident in your ability to pair items, it is best to opt for the classic version of this fabric or a slightly refined variation.

    2. Leather fabric

    Leather jaket

    Leather outfits remain popular. Tops and jackets in various combinations are not a novelty for many. From the latest offerings, it is worth paying attention to leather dresses with interesting silhouettes, such as one-shoulder, fitted, or straight styles, with prints or combinations of two colors of this material.

    3. Mesh fabric 

    Mesh dress

    Mesh, chiffon, and organza elements have become a trend in the fashion industry, particularly in the form of tops, skirts, and dresses. If a sheer total look is too bold a choice for you, you can limit yourself to inserts made of mesh, chiffon, or organza.

    4. Airy fabric

    Airy dress

    The elements of airy fabrics such as tops, skirts, and dresses have become the trend of the season. If a semi-transparent total look is too bold for you, you can opt for inserts made of mesh, chiffon, or organza.

    5. Soft and cozy textures fabric

    Soft and cozy textures dress

    Soft and cozy textures continue to delight with their variety. Fleece, velvet, and velour maintain their positions and appear in both evening and everyday outfits. The same can be said for fringe, which is actively used in scarves, dresses, skirts, and even bags. When in motion, such embellishments add dynamism and elegance to the look.

    6. Lace fabric

    Lace dress

    Lace temporarily fell out of fashion but is making a comeback in 2023 in a new form. Crochet or knitted openwork fabric can be part of the dress decoration, and for the boldest, designers offer tops, cardigans, and dresses made entirely of this material.

    Styles trend 2023

    1. Outfits 2000s

    Outfits 2000s

    Designers were inspired by the aesthetics of the 2000s and lingerie style. At the forefront of fashion trends are opposites: mini and maxi length. In winter, short skirts and shorts are not the warmest options, but they can always be supplemented with thick tights and high boots.

    2. Floor-length dresses or Floor-length skirts

    Floor-length dress

    Floor-length skirts and dresses look more reserved but no less sexy. Minimalistic maxi-length outfits can be worn every day.

    3. Corset style

    Corset outfit

    Corsets have also come directly from the 2000s. They can be standalone items of clothing. They can also be worn over skirts or pants. Combinations with delicate dresses and jumpsuits are relevant.

    4. Crop tops style 

    Crop top

    Crop tops and bras in lingerie style are well paired with low-rise pants and skirts. They are a standalone item, but they also look beautiful as part of multi-layered outfits, such as with a leather jacket or cardigan.

    5. Slash Ribs style

    Slash Rib dress

    The slashes on the ribs, hips, and waistlines in this season are astonishing in their geometric diversity. It is important to understand that a monotone dress with original slashes does not require additional decoration. It is a finished, unusual, and sleek look.

    6. Dresses with open 

    Dress with open

    Even the simplest outfit becomes interesting when the bottom buttons of a shirt or cardigan are undone. However, designers have also fallen in love with clothing without buttons. To ensure a stylish look, rather than a daring one, it is best to choose only one exposed body part. Dresses with open shoulders are the optimal solution for a luxurious outing.

    7. Style "Pleated"

    Dress pleated

    Pleats returned to fashion last season and remain relevant in 2023. But now we are not only considering skirts. Dresses, trench coats, and even pants are also equipped with pleated details.

    8. Jackets with wide shoulders

    Jackets with wide shoulders

    The timeless classic of business and everyday outfits, suits, has not gone unnoticed either. In 2023, we will see more relaxed and soft silhouettes: asymmetrical cuts, jackets with wide shoulders, and business skirts with bold slashes.

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