Top-10 must-have outfits for fall 2022

Top-10 must-have outfits for fall 2022

Fall is a great time to add something new to your wardrobe and make your life more colourful. Click here to explore 10 things that will give you a magic charm!

Poncho and capes

A convenient option for everyday, although nowadays they are rarely seen on the street. And in vain - the designers are sure. This is an indispensable thing for a warm autumn. You can choose both solid colors and fantasy ones. You will only have to wait for the “Indian summer”.

Woman in poncho and capes


They have been afloat for several years now, and this fall is no exception. Universal outfits are relevant for all the four seasons and, according to fashion experts, such purchase will be relevant for more than one year.

Woman standing in overalls

Long sweater oversize

This is the main trend of the coming autumn. It can be worn instead of a dress. This outfit goes perfectly with rough shoes or high boots.

Woman in long oversize sweater

Pleated costume skirts

This fall, they will dilute the prim and slightly boring business style. It is quite possible to replace a classic skirt with such an item. A pleated skirt pairs perfectly with a shirt and blazer and keeps you up to date with all the trends. This combination is appropriate both for the office and for a walk in the park.

Italian Pleated costume skirt

Total look in Denim

Still a relevant and trendy combination. You can safely experiment with outfits. This fall, jeans and jackets, denim jacket skirts, classic and modern versions, are allowed. An ordinary turtleneck will be a perfect addition to your style.

Denim jacket and jeans, turtleneck

Knitted vests

Use your imagination! Short, classic, oversized - absolutely any of them will be great. Especially relevant in the handmade style, hand-tied - these things always stand out from the factory ones. You can wear it as an independent thing or with a shirt, turtleneck or even over a dress.

Knitted vest over a t-shirt look

Latch and leather raincoats

They will be ideally combined with high boots. Besides, you can add stocking boots. In 2021 this style was preferred by many celebrities.

Kim Kardashian in a red leather raincoat

Jackets and coats sewed from cut off

A variety of textures, styles, colors, prints and textures will brighten up any autumn. By the way, these outfits are suitable for both women’s and men’s wardrobe.

Man in a jacket from cut offs, stylish and sunny

Fur bags

One of the most important trends of autumn-winter 2021. Not everyone will appreciate this extraordinary accessory. But avid fashionistas will definitely like it.

Woman with pink fur bag

Let’s say a few words about shoes.

This season, many suggest focusing on models made of “exotic” leather. Don’t worry about snakes and crocodiles - designers use modern technologies, with the help of which artificial material cannot be distinguished from the real one.

Crocodile shoes Geox

Bra over clothes

The trend of the past summer is also relevant this fall, this trend can also please those who like to stand out from the crowd. Designers suggest wearing bras over sweaters and turtlenecks.

Woman with bra over her clothes